Turn Up Your Media Investments By Leveraging Applied AI

Our Media Optimization platform ensures every dollar spent on marketing and advertising earns the most returns for your business.

RXA’s Media Optimization platforms provides the tools needed to optimize your return on ALL marketing and advertising investments. By combing techniques and analyses such as multi-touch attribution, media mix modeling, next best action, and website analytics, RXA can provide you an all-in-one solution for measuring and optimizing your media.​

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RXA’s Media Optimization is unlike any solution on the market. Analyzing all aspects of media spend, placement, channels, and more it allows you to understand the return you are receiving from every dollar spent. RXA’s Media Optimization powers up your scenario planning and forecasting based on sales achieved from your media efforts.​

In addition, RXA’s applied AI-based Media Optimization automatically analyzes data, predicts performance and next best action, and provides the scale of econometric media models with ultimate accuracy. This allows you to capture the greatest return on investment for all of your media buys while ensuring you are reaching your target audience​.

How do we do it?
Applied AI Media Optimization
The most comprehensive media optimization solution in the market combining multi-touch attribution, media mix modeling, next best action, and website analytics​.
Real Time
RXA offers 24/7 technical support and automated alerts to ensure your data needs are covered.
Continuous Optimization
We monitor and customize our algorithms to adapt to the ever-changing media landscape.
Data Visualization
The best and most flexible data visualization capabilities available. RXA easily builds your current tracking metrics into the Media Optimization program so you have one place to reference all of your KPIs.

Improve Media Investments

Improve Customer Reach and Experience

Mitigate Media Spending Risks

Better Quantify Return on Investments

Case Study:
Health Care - Surgical Specialty


A specialized surgical group was not receiving the impact from their current advertising strategy needed to create a consistent flow of patients across multi-state surgical centers. The inconsistent lead generation led to volatility in surgical schedules which put a strain on physician tenure.


RXA’s applied AI-based media mix solution identified the optimal mix of digital, DRTV, offline and third party support to maximize lead generation. The RXA lead scoring platform enabled surgical calendar planning across the organization.​

RXA was able to improve media ROI by more than 30% and streamline the patient process in order to identify those patients that would benefit most from the surgical approach.

The RXA Media Optimization Platform

Multi-Touch Attribution

Identifying incremental impact of media spends enables you to do more with every dollar spent. RXA’s applied AI models understand the interdependencies of media channels and which channels drive results best at what times within each and multiple campaigns​.

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Media Mix Model

The RXA platform determines the optimal media spend levels as well as media mix for all campaigns. RXA utilizes both MARS and feedforward artificial neutral network (ANN) models to predict the best media mix.​

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Next Best Action

RXA’s applied AI Media Optimization models analyze all scenarios for what the next best media action will be. The models take in all relevant data to ensure the optimal recommendation to maximize your media spend.

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Website Analytics

  • Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics​
  • Tagging Implementation and Validation​
  • Data Integrity​
  • Reporting​
  • Forecasting​
  • Automation​
  • Scenario Planning
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